Meet Digi

Digi is Digital Citizen Academy’s K-6 Star Digital Citizen. Digi is first introduced in the K-2 T.H.I.N.K. program, welcoming all boys and girls to the Digital Citizen Academy.

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“Hi boys and girls! Welcome to the Digital Citizen Academy! This is Digi, our star Digital Citizen and he is going to be our guide as we learn how to safely use technology and what it means to be good Digital Citizens. He is so excited to be here! Digi has an important job! He helps make sure kids know how to stay safe and be responsible when using technology.”

When Digi was young…

In day-to-day life, like many young boys and girls, Digi first learned what it meant to be a citizen of a community and how all citizens of communities have rules and responsibilities to follow. He learned that it was his responsibility to treat others the way he wanted to be treated. Like other boys and girls, Digi sometimes forgot or didn’t follow rules and got into trouble. With guidance from his family and teachers, Digi learned the importance of doing the right thing.

As Digi grew up…

Eventually, in school and at home, Digi was introduced to technology. He learned that computers, tablets and cell phones were all digital machines that could provide him with information and connect him to the world. Digi began to understand that what he had learned earlier about being a citizen in real life became just as important online in the digital world.

Why Digi is our Star Digital Citizen…

Digi has learned from his many positive and negative experiences off and online. When online, he sums up what he has learned this way; “If we are going to be connected to the WORLD with technology, we need to learn how to be good Digital Citizens just like we work hard to be good citizens at home and school. When we use technology and the internet, we need to follow rules, be responsible, and be respectful of others. The internet is just like our own real world. We can do a LOT of things on the internet, BUT we always want to remember to be Thoughtful, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary and Kind!”  

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