Dr. Lisa Strohman talks navigating summer break in MASK Magazine

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Dr. Lisa Strohman is MASK Magazine’s college life skills expert. In this article, she discusses how parents should navigate summer break when their kids return home. She stresses the importance of expectations and accountability for both parties. A must-read for parents of college-bound or college-aged children.


Dr. Lisa Strohman Joins ABC7 Eyewitness News to Discuss Technology Threats and Dangers

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Dr. Lisa Strohman,discusses her new venture, Digital Citizen Academy with ABC7 Eyewitness News and how the educational and diversion programs can help students, educators and parents deal with technology related issues such as cyberbullying, sexting, cheating etc

Dr. Lisa Strohman Discusses Cyberbullying, Sextortion, Smartphone Apps & Social Media at Crime Watch Daily Town Hall (Part 2)

Crime Watch Daily

Dr. Lisa Strohman joins Chris Hansen of Crime Watch Daily to discuss the signs parents need to watch for and learn the secrets in your kids’ smartphones before it’s too late, while providing three simple tips that every parent should note.