Teach Students To Use Social Media The Right Way

Focusing on the positive impact of social media in the classroomteach students to use social media the right way by demonstrating why it’s important to be proficient in digital communications skills such as texting, tweeting, and Instagramming.

Use social media to foster collaborative community learning environments.  Get creative and involve students in how collaborative learning environments might be achieved.  Encourage students to create authentic, creative work through blogs, YouTube, or podcasts.  Balance the use of technology with other important communication skills such as writing, speaking, and listening.

Administrators can be instrumental in making sure equipment and internet access are available for all students.  They can designate professional development be used for training teachers in strategies to support purposeful use of social media that meet district policy and provide clear learning outcomes. They can be role models for teachers and students by using social media in a way that promotes constructive, positive messages about school, students and families.

Impact of Social Media on Learning

Does social media impact learning?  Let’s look at the positive and negative impact of social media on learning.

Positive impact for learning ~ digital communication skills that need to be mastered including texting, tweeting, and Instagramming can be strengthened.  Students are more willing to complete assignments when they can use technology to research and share information, communicate or create ideas.

Using social media can foster collaborative community learning environments.  Students have options for creating authentic, creative work through blogs, YouTube, or podcasts – just to name a few.  It is yet to be seen whether or not social media can improve grades.

Negative impact for learning ~ Using social media can cause overstimulation and lack of focus, cyberbullying and plagiarism, distraction to the point of failure, poor decision-making leading to a negative digital footprint, and lack of adequate cyber security to protect students.  In addition, students unable to navigate platforms and operating systems find themselves at a disadvantage.

When it comes to students using social media, the impact on learning can be both positive and negative.