Technology Travel Tips for The Holidays

Consciously take the time to UnPlug this Holiday Season and follow these tech travel tips.

Five  Travel Tips for The Holidays

Take the time to UnPlug this Holiday season and follow these tech travel tips.
Take time to UnPlug this Holiday Season and try to follow these tech travel tips.

If you have ever forgotten or misplaced a device, you’re in good company. Lots of people forget to retrieve their devices from wherever they’ve been.  Panic may be instantaneous or delayed depending on when the device is discovered missing! 

Whether traveling by plane, train, or automobile, or just visiting Grandma’s house across town, travel can be overwhelming.  We hope to help make your holiday safer and full of good cheer by sharing some handy holiday tech travel tips.  

  • Make sure all data is backed up before taking devices anywhere.  This way, if you lose anything no one will need to panic.
  • Hackers love the chaos of malls and other busy shopping venues.  When traveling, shopping,or just when you’re out and about in crowds, use caution or avoid public Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Sharing on social media when traveling, especially your location and amount of time you’ll be away, is an open invitation to vandals.  For safety when traveling, save sharing memories until you return home.
  • Before you travel, check your carrier’s website and find out what to do if you lose your phone. All service providers have FAQ’s that will walk you through their process.
  • We all want our children to be safe on and offline.  Whether at home or traveling, go through their settings to see what kind of privacy and security features their devices are set to and teach your child a few basics about cyber safety, like shutting down location services, keeping accounts private, and telling an adult if something makes them uncomfortable.

We hope you find these tech travel tips helpful for you and your family and can encourage everyone around you to unplug this Holiday Season. Spread the cheer by adding to our list of travel tips in addition to creating your own technology goals for the New Year. 

School Shootings: How to Prepare our Kids

ONE school shooting is too many!  What are schools across the country doing to improve school safety and avoid school shootings?  How are children handling school preparedness?  Do students feel safe in school?

In response to recent school shootings, school security measures may actually be doing more to scare kids than protect them. It’s worth examining the notion that in our attempt to prepare and secure our schools, we might be overlooking some basic steps schools can take to improve safety that don’t terrify kids.

Security suggestions should include:

  1. Police and other first responders take regular tours of school grounds so that they become familiar with building layouts.
  2. Use apps available to alert teachers and school leadership about potential threats.
  3. While protecting students’ rights, set up a collaborative environment where parents, staff and kids are free to report any troubling behavior or potential incidents.
  4. Fund more qualified counselors and social workers to help with student mental health issues to discuss school shootings.
  5. Train staff in threat assessment management.
  6. Invite experts to evaluate the safety of school buildings themselves. Take into consideration entrances and exits, fenced areas, secured doors, fire code rules, cameras, how visitors gain access (ID, sign in, etc.) and mandatory school safety training for all staff.
  7. Emergency procedures must be clear and simple, rehearsed and practiced.

Rather than live in fear and create anxiety for kids, be prepared, be ready!

YouTube Safety: Get Involved

Are you involved with  kids safety online, especially when it comes to YouTube?

If so, what tips could you offer other parents about  keeping kids safe on YouTube?

What are some safety factors that parents tend to overlook but that are of vital importance to know about YouTube?

When using YouTube ask yourself the following:

Do you know how to set up a family account on YouTube?

Do you know how to turn on Safety Mode on YouTube?

Do you know how to create playlists on YouTube?

Do you monitor your child as needed on YouTube?

Do you know how to post in private on YouTube?

Do you know at what age kids are supposed to be able to start their own YouTube channel?