Dealing With Your Personal Device

Don’t let your devices overpower you!

Left unchecked, dealing with any device can be stressful, overwhelming, time consuming, and a downright DEVICE DELUGE! Consider unplugging from the Internet world over the holidays to actually “be” with family and friends.

It’s important to recognize when your kids get stressed.  Stick to routines and schedule technology-free downtime of 15-30 minutes each day, so kids can read, draw, listen to music, or nap. Maybe even go a step further and mark some complete device-free days on the calendar. Finding ways to unwind with fun and entertaining alternatives to technology on these days can be an adventure for the entire family.  

When staying at home, play games, go on a hike or other outdoor activity, do art projects, bake, play with pets, or focus on wellness and good eating and exercise. Let the kids take part in the planning. Find holiday activities and entertainment in your area, and allow everyone to take turns choosing the fun!

When spending long hours in a car, consider playing tag in rest areas, having a jumping jack contest, or just stretching to burn off some of that pent up energy. Don’t forget the old tried but true competition of spotting license plates from different states in alphabetical order! 

Stepping away from technology can help add calm and joy to an otherwise hectic season. Who knows? It may become a habit! Digital Citizen Academy has created a Home Program that will help families schedule device downtime and give tips on how to break free from technology.

If you found this content valuable, consider signing up for our home program.

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