Encourage Kindness on Social Media

Kindness in the Real World

In the real world, kindness is about giving, inspiration, being kind, peaceful, positive, optimistic, showing empathy and compassion.

In 2018, 30 of the most heartwarming Random Acts of Kindness were highlighted in a BestLife article by Alexander Breindel. In the article, Breindel writes, “If you can’t help but emit an audible “aww” every time you hear of someone doing something kind for a stranger, you’re not alone. Research shows that being kind to others can, among other benefits, make not only the recipients of said kindness happier, but also provide those issuing such kindness a mood boost. It’s little wonder, then, that random acts of kindness have become an increasingly meaningful currency in 2018. The fact is, people love doing them, love receiving them, and even love just seeing others lend a helping hand.”

Where Did Random Acts of Kindness Start?

Random Acts of Kindness is said to have started in a California restaurant in 1982 when the words “practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty” were found written on a place mat. We now celebrate this tradition on February 17th. Celebrated by people nationwide, it is meant to encourage all acts of being kind.

Is It Lost in Social Media? – young people find themselves going down a path of drama, increased screen time, less free time, negative posts, sleep derivation, non-verbal and due to the illusion of anonymity, often aggressive behavior where being kind is often lost.


What Role Does Kindness Play In Social Media?

In a recent article,  “Social media sites offer us an amazing opportunity to learn from people from different walks of life, cultures and belief systems with an open mind. A mind that is open to understanding and has empathy for others around the world, and being kind to those we may not fully understand. We may not always agree, but if we respond with negativity we’re driving the conversation down a rabbit hole it may not recover from.”

What Can Parents And Kids Do?

  1. Post positive messages and photos
  2. Make a difference by seeking online apps that promote being kind and share them with your friends and family
  3. Use technology to write thank you note emails to family and friends
  4. Use technology together: read the news together, play a game together, explore a new app together
  5. Scale back screen time in favor of boosting shared experiences. Social emotional learning activities promote health and well-being


“Always have a willing hand to help someone, you might be the only one that does.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

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