High School

DCA Technology Leadership Council

DCA created the Technology Leadership Council (TLC) curriculum for elementary, middle and high school students. The Technology Leadership Council is the centerpiece of the DCA High School Program. It is made up of high school students who work under the guidance of an adult advisor. TLC is designed to be team of peers who mentor, create and implement digital citizenship campaigns, assemblys, before and after school acitivities as well as becoming school leaders.

TLC program includes:

  • TLC is made up of students that are selected by teachers, administrators and other students.
  • Monthly modules are centered on specific topics with outlined objectives coupled with activities.
  • Students will participate in creating and implementing projects, assemblies and before and after school activities.
  • Student leaders will be tasked with activities that directly relate to digital citizenship.
  • TLC utilizes experiential learning techniques to allow students and adults to incorporate practices into their daily lives.

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