How can parents raise responsible digital citizens and protect children from the dangers of technology?

DCA has developed an online program for parents that provides tools and resources to support parents and help them address the specific issues their children will face throughout their school years when using technology. Content is updated frequently and designed to help parents navigate the challenges and protect their children from the pitfalls and dangers of online activities.

DCA Parent Program includes:

  • Comprehensive video instruction on topics for parents of children in grades K-8.
  • Parent Resource Guide provides instructional tools and answers on how to address issues of cyberbullying, inappropriate posting, digital cheating and digital reputation.
  • All content stresses the importance of creating and maintaining a positive digital reputation and footprint.
  • Technology use contracts for families.

DCA Advocacy Members enjoy:

  • Access to our premium blogs on related issues and research.
  • Q & A forum with access to experts and dialogue with other parents.
  • Digital version of Dr. Lisa’s book, Unplug: Raising Kids in a Technology Addicted World.
  • A percentage of your membership fee provides ongoing support for the Digital Citizen Foundation which offers therapeutic resources and programming for those in need.

Find out more about our parents program:

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