Remembering Parkland

Part 1 Parkland One Year Ago

“It’s not an anniversary anyone wants to celebrate. But as Feb. 14 approaches, schools in Broward and Palm Beach counties are preparing to honor the 17 people killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland one year ago.

Most schools are looking at community service projects and ways to encourage generosity and compassion. Aware that emotions are still raw, organizers say they have settled on activities that will remind students about the lives lost without inflaming a sense of anxiety or despair.

Broward schools will observe a moment of silence at 10:17 a.m. Feb. 14. Although the shooting at Stoneman Douglas began at 2:21 p.m., Principal Ty Thompson said the school district decided on a morning observance to ensure widespread participation.”

Reflecting on the massacre of 17 students and faculty members, it is appropriate to acknowledge this day with moments of silence, acts of kindness, community building, grieving, and honoring those who died as well as those who survived. Media would do well to continue to continue news coverage about the Parkland shooting until school shootings have stopped!

In the aftermath of Parkland, there were demands and demonstrations to end gun violence, legislation of Senate Bill 7026 – (the first gun control legislation in Florida following the massacre), press conferences, political debates, implementation of tighter school security measures, school resolutions to prevent school shootings, local authority changes, and more effective school shooter training put in place for police as well as school personnel. Students, parents, community members, law enforcement, and politicians all joined hands to prevent such a travesty from ever happening again.

Part II     Parkland One Year Later

One year later, as a result of the massacre in Parkland, what has changed?

>A parent who lost a daughter in the shooting a year ago, has turned  his efforts to becoming a school safety activist.

>Policies have changed regarding school safety and law enforcement       response.

>Students continue to fight for change in gun laws and gun violence.

>Another father shared on Twitter the unveiling of his daughter, Jaime’s tombstone and how he will never stop dealing with his   loss

>Nationally, the Parkland shooting has been a day-to-day fight over   guns in America. From February 14, 2018 to date, states approved more than 50 gun control measures but to the disappointment of many, there has been no significant   federal legislation regarding gun control.

Parents Take a Stand on School Safety

If you’re worried about your child’s safety at school, you are not alone. One-third of parents fear for their child’s safety at school. Following the Parkland shooting, across America, parents supported an increase in school safety measures. The number of armed officers, metal detectors, arming school staff, mental health screenings and supportive services for students who may pose a threat were just some of the safety measures suggested to implement or increase.

Speak up for the Safety and Protection of ALL Children!

Parents are encouraged to ask about their child’s school security plan and become advocates for school safety. Parents also need to understand that campus safety policies vary. Parents may be notified about an emergency by text, email or by a message displayed on a marquis. Training for emergencies varies as well for both staff and students. When enrolling your child in school, ask about safety, training programs, procedures, and policies. Be proactive and help your school better prepare for emergencies.

Digital Citizen Academy is dedicated to student safety online, offline, on campus, and off campus. If you have questions about school safety, make sure to register for a webinar from Dr. Lisa. She will take the time to answer all of your questions.

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