Technology: Helping or Hurting?

Technology Overload

Do your tweens or teenagers reach for their technology the minute they wake up in the morning, have technology with them all throughout the day, and go to bed with it at night? If they do, they are not alone.

No matter what country you live in, what city, neighborhood, evidence of people and their technology is everywhere. We live in a world immersed in technology!

When Technology Become An Addiction

Addiction has been around for centuries and comes in many forms. Technology is one of the most recent addictions of our time and early on was proven to be one of the most difficult to diagnose and control

Have you wondered if your teenager is addicted to technology or maybe why you or another family member has to have a device with them at all times? Did you know there is now a term – “nomophobia” – to describe people who can’t handle being away from their phone?

 The Facts

73% of teens admit feeling addicted to their phone and other devices

42% of adults admit feeling addicted to their phone and other devices


The Impact

>For teenagers and their developing brains, studies show the impact of excessive phone use can lead to adverse effects on a teens neurological health and overall physical well-being.


>Negative social, emotional responses, depression, and anxiety, sleep deprivation, weight gain, isolation, impulse control problems, self-harm or suicide.


>Higher incidents of bullying and cyberbullying leading to increased feelings of sadness and loneliness, changes in sleep and eating habits, decreased academic achievement, negative school and mental health issues

Texting and driving leads to close to two million crashes each year with cell phone distraction rates on the rise

>Internet Gaming Disorder (DSM) may soon be classified as a mental disorder


7 Steps to a Solution

  1. Recognize the signs and symptoms of technology addiction
  2. Be mindful of your teen’s tech habits
  3. Limit or forbid the use of electronics before bedtime to decrease sleep disruptions
  4. Remove or limit social media apps on your teen’s phone
  5. Replace electronics with a healthy balance of physical and creative activities
  6. Seek professional help for addiction from a doctor or counselor
  7. Seek treatment options support groups or treatment programs

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