Technology, Teens, and Media Finding a Healthy Balance

Technology: Fun or Detrimental?

It’s fair to say technology for teens is fun and allows them to stay connected to family and friends. But, can too much technology be detrimental to teenager’s health causing them to give up physical exercise, learning, creativity and types of play.


Media, Screen Time, and Teens

With the recent focus on the impact of too much screen time, hours spent on social media, gaming, apps, television and other types of technology, people are figuring out that young brains are designed for real world, face-to-face connections and experiences.


Real World Connections and Experiences

When young people deprive themselves of these real world connections or experiences and opt for hours of digital activities found on the internet, social media, virtual reality, gaming or video sharing, they’re not likely to be as healthy and happy.



Understanding teens and their technology can seem overwhelming yet ‘digital natives’ haven’t known it any other way. Parents, if you want your teens to find a healthy balance using technology, support them by helping them find a balance.


Digital wellness is important. Helping teens spend time away from screens and find replacements for digital dopamine hits from social media apps can reduce, for example, stress, anxiety, depression, inappropriate postings and relationships, isolation, and cyberbullying.

7 ways parents can help their teens find balance with media, technology, and other activities important to their health and well-being.


  1. Parents can be role models for their teens by balancing their own technology
  2. Unplug and designate a tech free day of the week
  3. Use media together watching movies, playing games, discovering new apps
  4. Sharing your Facebook and Instagram accounts with your teens is a great opportunity to discuss topics such as content, appropriate and inappropriate postings
  5. Set screen limits that work for your family
  6. Make technology rules for your home
  7. Put down phones and other electronic devices, listen and talk to each other.

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