Screen Time and Teens

 Hours and Hours of Screen Time

Does your teen love to watch TV, play video games, spend hours on the internet, text and send photos to friends? How much screen time is too much?

From a recent study, 92% of teens report going online every day, 89% use at least one social media platform a day and 24 % of those surveyed say they are online almost constantly.

Sound like a lot? It can be especially if the focus of that screen time is on social media or gaming and not on academics and learning. If you’re a parent concerned about your teen’s screen time, you’re not alone.

Screen Time is Gaining Attention

Screen time is getting a lot of attention lately especially in relation to how much time teens are using screens and how screen time is affecting their concentration, sleep, friends and family, schoolwork, and overall social, emotional behavior and health.

No doubt screen time can be fun but how much is too much?   What are the consequences of too much screen time?

Consequences of Too Much Screen Time

If your teen is choosing to miss out on events with family and friend in favor of gaming or social media, staying up late to text or watch a favorite show, waking up tired, becoming more aggressive, or starting to put on the pounds, it might be a time to set some screen time limits.

6 Strategies to Limit Your Teen’s Screen Time

>Limit time on devices to 30 to 40 minutes a day

>Turn phones off at night and stash them outside bedrooms

>Make screen time a privilege

>Turn off devices during mealtime

>Get friends together for some outside physical activity fun

>Educate your teen about media

Parents Check You Own Screen Time Use

Parents don’t forget to check your own screen time use to make sure you are a role model for healthy tech habits too!


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