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Discover how cyberbullying can impact your child. Cyberbullying, can cause your child significant social, emotional, and psychological distress. Your child may be experiencing feelings of isolation, sadness, anxiety, depression, physical illness, low self-esteem, fear, or humiliation. Cyberbullying occurs in cyberspace so it’s easy for bullies to remain anonymous which can make the victim feel even more vulnerable, overwhelmed and fearful. In this video Dr. Strohman will discuss the impact of cyberbullying, types of feelings associated with cyberbullying and ways parents can help their child stop the cyberbullying-victim cycle.

Is your child crying out for help online? A look at signs kids are in danger and how to protect them online. For more help with online safety for kids visit

Child Luring

The number of Internet luring cases is on the rise. Internet is accessible to everyone, children and adults alike. Through many devices, including computers, tablets, handheld devices and gaming consoles, youth are at risk of victimization. Internet luring for the purpose of sexual exploitation, child pornography, sexual assault, or abduction are crimes. In this video Dr. Strohman will define child luring, explain why it is a crime, and offer suggestions to parents about how to protect and prevent their child from being lured by an online predator.


With the widespread popularity of social media has come a rise in teen suicide. Approximately 9 hours spent on devices, including smartphones, consumes a teen’s day – every day! Whether it’s cyberbullying or social media posts depicting a perfect life or a victim’s vulnerabilities, teens are being harmed. Cyberbullying, taunting, telling a teen to kill themselves – takes it’s toll on a child. In this video, Dr. Strohman will share with you real stories about real teens who suffered the consequences of taunting and torment. Parents will learn how to recognize signs and symptoms of cyberbullying which can lead to self-harm and suicide and how to protect and prevent their child from being cyberbullied.

Digital Citizenship

What is digital citizenship and why is it important? In this video, Dr Strohman will explain the importance of digital citizenship in our digital world. She will discuss topics such as online etiquette, responsible and safe posting, reporting and preventing cyberbullying, protecting private information, how to use technology appropriately and the value in raising responsible digital citizens.

Reserve Your Spot For The FREE Webinar Today!

Live Webinars Are Limited To 100 Users. You May View A Recorded Version If You Do Not Book In Time

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Dr. Lisa Strohman, clinical psychologist and author, established Digital Citizen Academy to proactively prevent and educate students, educators and parents on the issues resulting from technology use.

Dr. Strohman holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of California, Davis, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude and later earned a PhD and J.D., completing a joint integrated program in Law and Psychology at Villanova and Drexel Universities. She is a member of the American Bar Association, and Chair of American Psychological Association, Committee on Legal Issues.

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