What is Your Child Watching Online?

It was an honor to present recently on- What is Your Child Watching Online in collaboration with Mountain Youth Community. To view the entire presentation- CLICK HERE! I discuss how technology can lead to gaming addiction, depression, and anxiety. Dr. Lisa Strohman

FBI Profiling 

Sometimes the only way to truly appreciate something is to immerse yourself in it.  It was like that with me and law enforcement.  Sure I always had a respect for it, but I did not truly learn its value, and the value of those in the law enforcement community, until I worked with the FBI.  […]

Ask Lisa- March

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Dear Dr. Lisa, I feel like my news notifications are constantly bombarding me with upsetting and divisive political campaigns all day, every day taking a toll on my well-being.  How can I filter through all of this and figure out which information to trust? Thank you, Polly Politico   Dear Polly, What a great question! […]

Ask Lisa November!

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Dear Dr. Lisa, I have been hearing a lot about this Peeping Tom case that recently happened in our community. How concerned should we as parents be about this situation and what can we do to keep it from happening to our kids or neighbors? Thank you, Petrified Parent   Dear Petrified Parent, First of […]

Ask Lisa October!

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Dear Dr. Lisa,  What should I do if I am contacted by another parent about what my child is doing online? Specifically, they are telling me about posts that my child is doing that I am not able to view. Thank you, Embarrassed Mom   Dear Embarrassed Mom, This is such a great question and […]

Ask Lisa-August

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Dear Dr. Lisa, With a new school year just around the corner, I am trying to get the kids back into their routine, but I am running into a big issue and have a question about bedtimes and tech use. How do you actually get your kids to willingly give up their devices at bedtime, […]

Ask Lisa: How much time is too much time when it comes to technology use?

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Dear Dr. Lisa, This might be a simple question, but how can you tell how much is too much when it comes to technology use? My kids are 9 and 11 and my main concern with it being summer time is that we are traveling and generally become more lenient with technology restrictions for the […]

Ask Lisa: How can I avoid having kids on their phones for hours this summer?

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Dear Dr. Lisa, With summertime approaching, how can I avoid having my grandkids jump on their phones and game for hours every day? I look forward to time with my grandkids but am concerned that summer will come and go without having any quality time away from the screens. Thank you, Concerned Grandmother Dear Concerned […]

Ask Lisa: How can I cure my child’s digital addiction?

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Dear Dr. Lisa, How can you cure digital addiction or addiction to Fortnite  in kids? Thanks, Nervous Mom Dear Nervous Mom, Thank you so much for your question about technology addiction and kids. I get a lot of parents that are worried about the amount of time their kids are spending on video games, especially […]

Ask Lisa: how can I find out if my daughter is having an online romance?

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Hi Dr. Lisa, I’m the mom of a 14-year-old girl and I am worried that she might be having an online romance.  She spends a lot of time in her room, especially at night, and is highly secretive about her personal life.  I want to be respectful of her privacy but am beginning to worry. […]