What is Your Child Watching Online?

It was an honor to present recently on- What is Your Child Watching Online in collaboration with Mountain Youth Community. To view the entire presentation- CLICK HERE! I discuss how technology can lead to gaming addiction, depression, and anxiety. Dr. Lisa Strohman

5 things to think about when it comes to kids playing violent video games

5 things parents should think about when it comes to kids playing violent video games. For more information on how to protect your kids from online dangers, visit www.digitialcitizenacademy.org

“Grow your following of fans, assimilate rival crowds and become the coolest kid in school!” That’s the quick teaser for Popular Wars, an online game that encourages kids to collect followers and show opponents “who’s boss.” But, there’s a lot this description omits. In fact, once you dig into the game, it becomes much darker. […]

Is your child addicted to online games?

Is your child addicted to online gaming? Here's what to look for and how to help break the addiction. For more information on online safety for kids, visit www.digitalcitizenacademy.org

It’s not a bad thing if your kids play video games; they provide an activity that gets their minds thinking and is safe entertainment, improves hand-eye coordination and more. But … sometimes a child’s playing video games can go too far and develop into an addiction. How do I know if my kids are addicted […]

Prince Harry seeks ban on Fortnite and we agree

Prince Harry wants to ban Fortnite and we agree. Find out what happens when kids are addicted to online games and how you can help them. For more on kids and online addiction, visit www.digitcalcitizenacademy.org

You know there’s an issue when Prince Harry, who has said in the past he’s enjoys XBox and PlayStation, calls for a ban of Fortnite, a popular video game. Why Prince Harry wants Fortnite banned The game, which has only been around a few years, is a contest to see who survives. A multiplayer game […]

Violent Video Games – What Are They Teaching Teens?

Are video games making your child more violent? Find out at www.digitiacitizenacademy.org

If you’ve got teens, here’s a statistic that won’t surprise you: 97 percent of kids in the US ages 12 – 17 play video games. But, here’s a statistic that will: more than half of all video games on the market are violent. And, here’s the real kicker: earlier this year, pediatric groups concluded that […]