What is Your Child Watching Online?

It was an honor to present recently on- What is Your Child Watching Online in collaboration with Mountain Youth Community. To view the entire presentation- CLICK HERE! I discuss how technology can lead to gaming addiction, depression, and anxiety. Dr. Lisa Strohman

Happy, Not App-y Valentine’s Day!

valentines day

Happy Valentine’s Day (almost)! No matter how you plan on celebrating, or not celebrating at all, there is no doubt that Valentine’s Day brings a lot of emotions for people of all ages and stages in life. It calls to mind that there is an undeniable expectation in today’s culture to make sure every one […]

5 things you should never do on social media. Ever.

5 things you should never post online.

What happens on social media stays on social media. Even if you post something and delete it, it’s never really gone … which is why it’s important to think before you post. But, it isn’t only about posting things you may regret later on social media, posting certain things can put you at risk. With […]

Is social media making you lonelier?

Is social media making you lonelier? Dr. Lisa Strohman shares why social media makes us lonelier and how to get over the loneliness.

Here’s a sad truth: social media is anything but social. Today, we’re tethered to our phones, to our laptops, to our tablets and engage with people virtually instead of in real life. And, to top it off, it’s doing the opposite of what its supposed to do. Using social media is actually making us lonelier. […]

Are your kids being hurt by social media? They sure are.

Is social media hurting your child? The answer is "yes". Learn how to protect your child from being hurt from social media.

Teens spend an astounding amount of time online these days — upwards of nine hours each day. In 2018, a Pew study determined that 54 percent of teenagers reported feeling they were “spending too much time on their cellphone” and 45 percent stated they were online “almost constantly.” What does this staggering amount of time […]

How to protect yourself from online triggers

Trigger warnings are needed in today's online world. What are they and why do they matter? Dr. Lisa Strohman takes a look at them.

It’s nearly impossible to control what pops up in any social media feed. People have good days, they have bad days, they have experiences … and they all share them to their online world. Unfortunately, the act of sharing (or in many cases oversharing) on social media can result in people being triggered. A trigger […]

What age should my child be allowed to go on social media?

What age should my kid be allowed to go on social media? Find out what age kids should be on social media platforms. For more about kids and being online, visit www.digitalcitizenacademy.org

Is there any age when it is safe for kids to get on social media? If it was up to me, no child would ever have access to any of the various platforms until their brains are fully developed. I equate it to someone getting behind the wheel of a car … without brakes. There […]

Signs your child needs a social media time out

Do your kids need a social media time out? Here are the signs, plus what you can do to put them in a time out. For more on how to protect kids online, visit www.digitalcitizenacademy.org

It’s the summer and now’s the time that kids are going to be glued to their phones. Children that spend in excess of a few hours a day doing non-academic or enriching things like playing violent video games or working to gain followers on social media run the risk of over exposure. Does your child […]

5 tips to keep pre-teen and teenage girls safe online

Do you have a teenage girl? Learn how to keep her safe on social media with these tips. For more tips on online safety, visit www.digitalcitizenacademy.org

The world of social media and young girls is a scary one. From predators, to sexting, to cyberbullies and the pressure to be “liked”, girls and their smartphones are nearly (if not totally) inseparable. Perhaps this scenario is familiar to you: Your young daughter and her friends walk into the house and head straight to […]