Programs Offered By DCA

Digital Citizen Academy offers specifically designed programs for students, educators and parents. Programs provide resources and tools to help individuals address and prevent the challenges and dangers children and adults experience with technology use and overuse.

Home Program

Our ‘Home Program’ gives families an opportunity to experience home-based interactive lessons with their child.  The lessons are age specific from K-8 and include informative videos that make learning about digital safety and etiquette entertaining and fun.  As families progress through lessons together, children learn to make safe and responsible choices while navigating their digital world.

K-8 Prevention Programs

The DCA K-8 school based Prevention Programs are designed to educate, empower and inspire students to become responsible digital citizens.  Beginning in grades K-2, students meet Digi, DCA’s Star Digital Citizen! Digi leads students through DCA’s exciting T.H.I.N.K program. As follow up to the T.H.I.N.K. program, students expand their digital citizen skills related to trustworthiness, kindness, responsible posting and digital reputation.  In middle school students gain more knowledge about why it is important to demonstrate ethical behavior, adhere to social media safety guidelines and take responsibility for their use of social media.

High School

Digital Citizenship Academy created its Technology Leadership Council (TLC) curriculum for elementary, middle, and high school students, as a peer-to-peer program that will help prevent the emotional and behavioral issues resulting from technology use. TLC is designed to work as a mentoring group, under the guidance of an adult advisor.

Diversion Program

The Digital Citizen Academy Diversion Program offers professionally designed online programming for grades 6-12 as an alternative to short term school suspensions. Using a compassionate and thorough approach that will ultimately reduce the likelihood of future violations, our program is designed to further educate, protect and support students who have violated school rules.  Through diversion, students gain valuable insight into how their behavior has impacted themselves and others. The program addresses violations related to cyberbullying, inappropriate posting, digital cheating, hacking and digital reputation.


Digital Citizen Academy is committed to educating and building partnerships with local and national organizations.  Providing access to programs and therapeutic resources for school and communities, partnering with national organizations such as Kiwanis, Boys and Girls Club of America and UNICEF will create a cultural shift that changes the way we live with technology and interact with one another off and online.


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