Ask Lisa: How can I cure my child’s digital addiction?

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Dear Dr. Lisa, How can you cure digital addiction or addiction to Fortnite  in kids? Thanks, Nervous Mom Dear Nervous Mom, Thank you so much for your question about technology addiction and kids. I get a lot of parents that are worried about the amount of time their kids are spending on video games, especially […]

Prince Harry seeks ban on Fortnite and we agree

Prince Harry wants to ban Fortnite and we agree. Find out what happens when kids are addicted to online games and how you can help them. For more on kids and online addiction, visit

You know there’s an issue when Prince Harry, who has said in the past he’s enjoys XBox and PlayStation, calls for a ban of Fortnite, a popular video game. Why Prince Harry wants Fortnite banned The game, which has only been around a few years, is a contest to see who survives. A multiplayer game […]