Is social media making you lonelier?

Is social media making you lonelier? Dr. Lisa Strohman shares why social media makes us lonelier and how to get over the loneliness.

Here’s a sad truth: social media is anything but social. Today, we’re tethered to our phones, to our laptops, to our tablets and engage with people virtually instead of in real life. And, to top it off, it’s doing the opposite of what its supposed to do. Using social media is actually making us lonelier. […]

Are your kids being hurt by social media? They sure are.

Is social media hurting your child? The answer is "yes". Learn how to protect your child from being hurt from social media.

Teens spend an astounding amount of time online these days — upwards of nine hours each day. In 2018, a Pew study determined that 54 percent of teenagers reported feeling they were “spending too much time on their cellphone” and 45 percent stated they were online “almost constantly.” What does this staggering amount of time […]

7 signs social media is negatively impacting your child

Is your child spending too much7 ways social media can negatively impact kids. For more on how to deal with social media use and kids, visit

Social media is so new, no studies have been done to know what long-term effects it can have on our health and wellness. But, we do know there are nearly immediate effects of too much social media use. No one is immune to the way social media can impact their lives. For children, due to their […]

5 things that happen to your kids when they use social media

5 things that happen when kids use social media. For more about kids and social media, visit

When we were growing up, we had it lucky when it came to social media (or lack thereof). Today, social media has catapulted into conversations surrounding increased bullying, violence, low self-esteem and even suicide. Kids today are living in the social media era, meticulously documenting their lives on various platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat […]

Is your child crying out for help online?

Is your child crying out for help online? A look at signs kids are in danger and how to protect them online. For more help with online safety for kids visit

Is your child crying out for help online? Social media isn’t just a vortex where people scroll endlessly, post selfies and look for inspiration. The world of social media can be a dark place … and there’s a chance that parents can miss vital cues that give insight into the lives of children. Simply put, […]

Is The Momo Challenge a hoax? The danger is real

MoMo Challenge

Various media outlets are saying the Momo Challenge is a viral hoax. So, are children around the world being told subliminally, through graphic, frightening images, to kill themselves? Whether or not MOMO is true, the reality is, keeping your kids safe from hateful online messages and predators is more difficult and complex than protecting them […]

Encourage Kindness on Social Media

kindness on social media

Kindness in the Real World In the real world, kindness is about giving, inspiration, being kind, peaceful, positive, optimistic, showing empathy and compassion. In 2018, 30 of the most heartwarming Random Acts of Kindness were highlighted in a BestLife article by Alexander Breindel. In the article, Breindel writes, “If you can’t help but emit an […]

Social Media Challenges: Popular and Dangerous

social media challenges that teens participate in

Over the past few years, social media challenges like the Tide Pod, Cinnamon, Ice and Bird Box Challenge have surfaced. While wildly popular with teens, these risky, often life threatening, challenges have been a frustration to parents. Newsweek published an article about the appeal of challenges to teens stating, “Attempting to grasp the motives behind […]

Social Media Diet

Social Media Diet    It’s the New Year and perhaps you, like many others, find yourself making bold resolutions to diet in 2019? Check the web and you’ll find a menu of trusted diets to the latest “get those pound off and keep them off” trends. Internet ads abound for how to keep you and […]