Are violent video game really to blame for mass shootings?

Are violent video games the problem?

Don’t let anyone convince you that the reason for these recent acts of domestic terrorism stems from violent video games. It’s simply not true. Since the tragic shootings in the past weeks, I’ve grown more and more frustrated and angry at the rhetoric and stories being told about the gunmen and the culprit for these […]

5 things that happen when your child plays violent video games

Are your kids playing too many violent video games? Here's what can happen if they do. Learn more about how to keep your kids safe online at www.digitalcitizenacademy.orgåç

Violent video games like Popular Wars and Fortnite are still getting talked about a lot these days. Kids seem to be drawn to these violent video games, and with a focus on mass killing, we know that this isn’t good for them. Although there are still some monitoring programs that haven’t been taken off the […]

5 things to think about when it comes to kids playing violent video games

5 things parents should think about when it comes to kids playing violent video games. For more information on how to protect your kids from online dangers, visit

“Grow your following of fans, assimilate rival crowds and become the coolest kid in school!” That’s the quick teaser for Popular Wars, an online game that encourages kids to collect followers and show opponents “who’s boss.” But, there’s a lot this description omits. In fact, once you dig into the game, it becomes much darker. […]